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¤ Rin Ravage
Birthdate: January 2, 1987
Country: USA
State: California
Spit or Swallow: Eat it or wear it whore
Favortie position: Missionary
Fuck, Marry or Kill: Mary my dream man fuck him and kill all in my path!
Currently stalking: alexander Skarsguard
More about me: FIRST OFF: DO NOT EVER CALL MY TATTOOS "tats" OR "ink" OR ANY OTHER SLANG TERM... THEY ARE FUCKING TATTOOS AND ART FORM OLDER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE GIVE IT SOME DAMN RESPECT! BTW ITS CALLED A TATTOO MACHINE SECOND: I WAS BORN HAVING NOT GROWN MY LEFT FORE ARM! MYSTERY SOLVED, LIKE IT MATERS! I LIKE MY SHARK STORY BETTER I am a giddy Sadist. I get pure Welcome to Disneyland excited from the pain of others. Screams send pleasure chills down My spine. I am a ruthless snuggler! Tears are cute! I love pink and Hello Kitty. I salt water fish and enjoy sparing. I am the tom boy in full make up. I love metal and hardcore shows. I love being made to feel like Im number #1. I want to be the hardass princess of your life. I want you to want to make my life easy and wonderful. If you are easily offended Wwe cannot be friends EVER! I am very blunt and some down right, ridiculous shit comes out of My mouth. L A T E X!!!!! I wish I could afford it :(. I feel whole in Latex and rubber. Hoods! Take Sybil and I Privet for girl on girl.. I love my Porn wife
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poobear - 3 minutes ago
Your so hot! Can't wait for your next video!
KillKaty - 15 minutes ago
Oh miss Rin! Come be my girlfriend! paleaase!
Bossinova - 27 minutes ago
Loved your show last night!
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